Custom Furniture

Need something not in our catalogue? We take advantage of our mother company, Athens Interior’s twenty years of experience in fabricating high-end furniture to offer you only the highest quality customized pieces. 

We make use of the following procedure to ensure you get exactly the pieces you want, at the fastest possible time. 

Design Quotation 

  1. Client will discuss requirements with one of our in-house designers. Client may provide existing pegs if available. Inquiries may be made through email or by visiting our showroom
  2. Designer will present possible options for Client approval or further discussion. 
  3. Once a design is approved, Client will be provided costs for production. 
  4. Once cost is approved, Client will provide downpayment of 50%.
  5. Client will be presented with a working drawing for approval or adjustments. 


  1. Client will be presented with wood/fabric samples for approval or adjustments. 
  2. Once samples and working drawing are approved, material will undergo production. 
  3. Length of production will be dependent on nature of requirement. A timetable will be provided. 
  4. Once production is finished, requirement will be delivered to Client. Client will complete balance upon delivery.